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by - Thursday, November 07, 2019

Hey Hey Thursday! It's Friday eve & y'all, we have almost made it through the week!

If you've noticed, this week I am trying to get you all caught up on all things fall & today is no different.

I'm sharing our Halloween night & it just so happened to be Red Ribbon week at school last week, too, & we will start with that.  I didn't take a picture every day, but I did take a few ...
One day was wacky hair & sock day.  It was then that I realized just how envious of Cooper's hair that I am.  Thick, blonde & curly!  HA!
Another day was future/career day.  If you don't know, Cooper wants to go to NC State & play basketball for them!
And this girl, she wants to be a make-up artist when she grows up!

Red Ribbon week is always so much fun!  Other days included pajama day, a certain color day when all the grades wore different colors, & then on Halloween they were allowed to wear their costumes.

Speaking of Halloween, ours turned out a little different this year due to a storm that came through & many neighborhoods canceled trick or treating.  It was no problem for us though because just the weekend before we had WENT CAMPING & went trick or treating there.  PLUS, the night before Halloween, we went to my in-loves church fall festival so they got TONS of candy between all of that & the school parties!

So Halloween night, we headed to my mom's for pizza & games!
Cooper was Kylo Ren this year because #starwarsobsessed ...
Millie Jo was Belle & the prettiest one I have ever seen ...
And Itty Bitty was a scarecrow.  My heart couldn't take the cuteness!!

My sweet nephew even spent the evening with us!
They love him just a little bit .. 😉

Even without trick or treating, we had so much fun!

I mean, who doesn't love a night of pizza, Uno & Old Maid!?!

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  1. Cutest kids, mama. That scarecrow!! Be still my heart. I always liked Red Ribbon Week, too, and Dr. Seuss week. Pajama day rocks!