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by - Wednesday, November 06, 2019

The week before Halloween [I know, I just shared a picture of my Christmas tree YESTERDAY but listen, I have to catch y'all up on all the fall fun!] we headed to Hendersonville, NC with friends to go to a pumpkin patch that we had heard such great things about!

GRANDAD'S APPLES did NOT disappoint!
It was ALMOST as cute as these kiddos!!

They had so much fun stuff to do.  Like a corn maze that we got lost in .. but eventually made it out.

They had this huge jump pillow that the kids LOVED & spent so much time on.

The cutest cow train!

And the neatest little playground area!
We picked our pumpkins out of the patch ... & this girl loved the big ones but ended up with a tiny one just right for her!

Love this girl & her friendship!
The farm's apple cider was SO good & came in these little pumpkin bottles for the kids.  The girls LOVED them!
Such a fun day with some of our favorite people!!

If you are local or even a couple hours away, you definitely need to check this place out. It is worth it! There was so much stuff to do!

Have the best Wednesday, friends!

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