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by - Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Hey Hey!

Today we are playing catch up on ALL the fall things!

Many of our nights were spent at the ball field ...
Watching my favorite boy play!
Cooper just finished up fall ball & I loved watching him.  Unfortunately, it wasn't his favorite & he's still thinking about whether or not he is going to play in the spring.
This was his first year of kid pitch so the nerves were high ...
But hopefully he will want to try it again because y'all, he looks so much like a dang baseball player!
Here's one of several hits he took during the season.  Also, the main reason he didn't love kid pitch.  HA!
Last month, we celebrated this sweet girl's SECOND birthday ...
Curious George style!
I love me some Emi Lu!
And Itty Bitty loved the cupcakes so much, I caught her eating the paper.

With all the sports, comes a lot of dinners out.  Goodness gracious, I need to do better about crock pot meals!
The four of us plus Paw-Paw took off to the outlets one day after Cooper & Millie Jo left for school ...
And someone decided to finish my coffee.  Don't worry, it was only a sip & decaf! 😉

With fall comes baking [or buying a cookie cake & decorating it] fun things & one day we had the idea to make a monster dessert.  They LOVED it!
We love us a good girl's day!
And bathrooms with huge mirrors to take selfies.
This sweet baby had dental work done a couple weeks ago & is the bravest girl I know!  With dental work comes a happy meal & an Oreo McFlurry because they make EVERYTHING better ... just ask her!
Look who finally had her first set of pig tails.  And they are itty bitty just like her!
But y'all, can you even!?!
Cooper climbed up in my bed the other night with his Wednesday night Bible study book & asked if we could do it together.  If I don't do anything else in this motherhood thing, I pray that I lead these babies of mine to Christ.
Speaking of these babes of mine!
These two, their jammies & their sleepy eyes are the sweetest thing on a Monday morning!

It's the little things in life like going to have lunch with these two at school that make them the happiest!
And finally, this girl & her hot chocolate stand at my parents' yard sale a few weeks ago.  She has been wanting to have a lemonade stand all summer but our weekends were always busy, so when Grammy & Pop decided to have a yard sale, she said right away that she was going to have her stand.  But, when fall weather finally decided to show up, she decided to do a hot chocolate stand instead with free suckers & it was a hit!

Goodness, if you made it through this post, you are incredible!  SO much stuff to catch you up on.

Have a great Wednesday!

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