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by - Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Hey Hey Wednesday!

First of all, thank YOU for your sweet messages yesterday about RUTHIE BELLE & thank YOU for letting me share her story with you.  We celebrated her precious life last night & I will share all about it tomorrow!


Last Friday, when Dan got home from work, we hooked up the camper & headed to the campground.  Halloween weekend, they always have so many fun things planned for everyone!

We got there right before dark, set up, had dinner & then carved our pumpkins.

Once the pumpkins were carved, Grammy helped Cooper & Millie Jo make their own personal cake in a mug!
The next morning ... after an extremely terrible night of NO sleep ... [looking at you Itty Bitty] ... we were up early & ready for a day of all the Halloween fun!
These two are the best big brother & sister!  They all three went for a walk together & all we could hear is them giggling the whole time.  They may fight 99% of the time, but get them all together while camping & they have so much fun!!
Later that morning, we decorated cookies!
Per this girl's request!

And Itty Bitty was there to be the taste tester.

So much fun with Dan & our girls!  Coop was up the road playing football with his buddies .. which is where he stayed most of the time!

After lunch & time around the bonfire, it was finally time for trick or treating!

They got so much candy & we didn't even make it around the whole campground!  

Grammy & Popped stayed back to hand out candy but when we made it back around, Millie Jo & Cooper took over for them!
Then it was dinner time!
We ended our night making & decorating our haunted houses.

So much concentration!
Dan snapped this & I'm so glad because it just shows her BIG personality.  She keeps us laughing!
What a fun weekend!!

We ended up coming home late Saturday night due to the rain but we still had a blast!  Now, we are excited for tomorrow night & praying the rain holds off.

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  1. So behind on my blog reading. What fun you guys had. I am all about RVing, even though we don't have one!! Someday. Gee, your mama is adorable. Y'all look alike. Cute girls.