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by - Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Happy Wednesday!

I'm back today & sharing all things Disney's Hollywood Studios with you!

If you missed part one of our Disney vacation, you can read it HERE!

We took full advantage of the EXTRA MAGIC HOURS & started our day early last Monday morning.  The very first thing we did when we got there was signed Cooper up for the Jedi training for later that afternoon.  It gets booked pretty quickly so we wanted to make sure he got to do that.  After that, we headed straight to Star Wars : Galaxy's Edge.  I have to tell you, it was awesome!!  Disney puts so much thought into everything they do & create.  Everything just looked so real!
We got there just in time to meet Chewbacca & learn how to hide from stormtroppers.

Next, we had fast passes for Aerosmith's Rock 'n' Roll coaster.  I think our faces pretty much tell you what that was like!  HA!
And after that, we got to meet Olaf!

It was finally time for Jedi training & Coop was so excited.

At the end of his training, he got to fight Kylo Ren & HIS DAY WAS MADE!!
Hint Hint ... his Halloween costume.

Later in the afternoon, we went to the Disney Jr dance party & it was the cutest.  Itty Bitty & my niece loved it!  And I even caught Cooper & Millie Jo dancing, too. Heck, I was dancing!

Let me just say that I am fully aware that Itty Bitty won't remember going, but y'all, seeing her dancing & her face light up when she saw things during the week made it so much fun!

Well, fun until she got too close!
We also had fast passes for The Little Mermaid show & we all loved it!
The special effects it had during it such as water sprinkling & bubbles falling made it even cooler.

We finished our day at Hollywood Studios the best way ... even with the rain ...
Toy Story Land.
We had all waited for this part!

Because .. hello Slinky Dog Dash!
100% worth the wait!!
We got back & while Ellie Joy & I crashed, Dan took these two to the arcade for a little bit!

I'm probably going to say this in every post about Disney but TAKE ME BACCCCK!!

Tomorrow I'm sharing our day at Magic Kingdom!  My most favorite day!

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