RUTHIE BELLE DAY [2019] - The Perfectly Imperfect Mama


by - Thursday, October 31, 2019

If you are new around here, then you may be wondering just what RUTHIE BELLE DAY is.  In 2016, we experienced a late miscarriage when I was 16 weeks pregnant.  A month later, we found out I was carrying a baby girl.  We already had her name picked out, too.  Ruthie Belle Pegram.

Her due date was October 29, 2016 & we have officially made that 'Ruthie Belle Day.'  It's a day that we all look forward to celebrating every year!

On Tuesday, Dan had school but that didn't stop us.  The kiddos & I met him at the park before school with cake & balloons!
And I have to tell you, the sunset was just perfect.
Our girl was just shining through the clouds.

Every year we get a piece of cake, candles, balloons & we sing Happy Birthday to her.

Forever thankful for him.

What a sweet afternoon it was remembering Ruthie Belle.  I love that Cooper & Millie Jo love this day as much as me & Dan.  And I'm certain when Ellie Joy understands, she will too!  The years are getting easier but it doesn't matter how much time goes by, when October 29th comes, my heart will always feel a little ache.

If you are experiencing any type of loss, know this, I am praying for you.  I am praying that you allow God to be your strength & comfort.  He can & will heal your broken heart if you allow Him to!

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