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by - Tuesday, October 15, 2019


It's the posts many of you have been waiting on ... OUR DISNEY TRIP!
I'm not even going to lie, I texted my mother-in-love yesterday & told her I would have loved to be waking up in Disney again.  I mean, it was just so much fun!
Saturday before last, we drove a few hours with my in-loves & niece to Georgia to stay the night there since we couldn't check in to our resort until Sunday afternoon.
But not without a good ol meal from Cracker Barrel first.

When we got up Sunday morning, we only had three hours left to drive until we made it to our resort.
Me & Millie Jo may have screamed when we saw this!!
We finally made it.
We stayed at DISNEY'S ART OF ANIMATION RESORT & when I say it was incredible, I mean it!
No, I'm not getting paid for this post.  I'm just a mama who loved it so much & so did my family!
We stayed in one of the Lion King suites & it was SO cute.  Almost as cute as this girl pretending to sleep like Simba!

There was eight of us & there was enough space for us.  There was a room with a queen bed, the table turned down into a bed & the couch turned into a bed.  Plus we had two pack & plays!  There was also two bathrooms & a small kitchen with a sink, microwave & mini refrigerator.
When we got to the resort, we unpacked, ate lunch & then headed to The Big Blue Pool.  But really, that's what it's called.  It's the biggest pool in Disney & is at the Finding Nemo wing of the resort!

Off to the side of the pool, is a splash pad that the kids LOVED.  Especially the babies!

And then beside of it, was a playground.  A HUGE hit!

Even for the big kids.
Just ask Dan & paw-paw! 😉
That slide was fast!!
After playing for a little bit, we walked over to see the new SkyLine that goes from The Art of Animation to Hollywood Studios.  Unfortunately, it had only been open for a short time & was dealing with mechanical issues so it wasn't opened the whole time we were there.  It will be so convenient once they get it going though!  They eventually want to have it going from different resorts.
After showers, we went & had dinner in the cafe.

After dinner, we went back to the room & called it an early night because we were spending our first full day at Hollywood Studios!

And tomorrow, I will share ALL about it so make sure you come back!

If you're planning a Disney trip, Art of Animation resort is a must!

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  1. What an incredible trip! I would really wish that you could have shared a few more pictures of your room at the art of animation. I can only imagine going a tad crazy with all of the people AND their things in a hotel room. Did you ever wish that there was more space or that you had possibly gotten a separate room for your immediate family?