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by - Friday, October 18, 2019

Happy Friday, friends!

Today I am wrapping up my Disney posts with our day at Animal Kingdom.  If I'm honest, I thought I wasn't going to really like it BUT, just like every other park, I loved it!  It was beautiful.
Gangs all here!

We didn't start this day until almost 11am that morning & we weren't mad about it.  We slept in a little bit & were all well rested before another big day!
The first thing we did was the Na'vi River journey which I got zero pictures of but it was in the world of Avatar.  I thought it was cool but wouldn't recommend doing a fast pass for that.
The next thing we did was the Kilimanjaro Safari tour. We had fast passes for this & were able to see SO many animals up close.  If you have an animal lover, I say do this!

While the boys went, the girls stayed back while Itty Bitty napped.

And Millie Jo was perfectly fine with that.
The girl loves her some corn on the cob!
When the boys finished with the safari, us girls went & had our turn.

And this baby woke up while we were gone!
Afterwards, we went & found another snack.  As if the corn & pretzel wasn't enough!  Mickey Mouse chocolate chip cookies bigger than our faces for the win.
Not long after our snack, we grabbed lunch in "Asia" & then found the rapids to ride.  It was already raining off & on so why not!?!

Then we headed over to Africa ...

Because it was time for our fast passes to ride Expedition Everest.  Oh my word IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!  I did not expect it to do what it did at all.  And I won't tell you just in case you are planning a trip!  Trust me though, GET THE FAST PASS!!
It was so much fun that this girl of mine rode it two times in a row!

Afterwards, we headed to Dinoland.  It was set up like a carnival.  Not many people were in there but for smaller children, it was a great place!  And a little tip, you must buy tickets to play all the carnival games.  We weren't sure how that worked so in case you are like us & it's your first time, you'll know!
About the time we got there, the line to meet Pluto & Goofy barely had anyone in it so we took full advantage!

And while Cooper & Millie Jo thought they were both so cool ...
Itty Bitty felt totally opposite.
The funniest part, she knew exactly what she was doing! HA!
Another ride the babies could ride was the Triceratops.  They loved it!  Very similar to Dumbo.

After playing in Dinoland for a little bit & doing a little shopping, it was time for our dinner reservations.
Our reservations were at The Rain Forest Cafe & it was pretty cool.  I mean, if you can even begin to imagine what a real Rain Forest is like, it was just like that!  As far as the food goes, it was very good!! Not to mention, it keeps littles occupied while you wait for your food!

And since it was our last night, we enjoyed ice cream sandwiches & coke icees!
The next morning, we woke up early to finish packing up so we could start our long road trip home.
But that didn't stop us from wearing all things Disney!

Okay y'all, that's it as far as the parks go.  I still have a post with a few tips for you that I'll share next week & I'm hopefully going to find time this weekend to make a video of all the things!

If you missed any of my Disney posts from this week, you can read them here ...

Have the best weekend! 
 We will be over here enjoying the cooler weather & doing all the fall things!

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  1. Passing this post along to my daughter, who is going next week! They up and decided to do this thing a week ago so their tickets to fly from Texas are outrageous. Plus she is 7 months pregnant and has a the wiggliest 3 year old ever. Hope they have a marvelous time like you did. Love your Disney gear, the cookie, your baby girl's adorable dress, all the smiles!!