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Show & Tell Tuesday :: Travelogues

by - Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hey Hey y'all!
Two Tuesday's a month I link up with Andrea over at the Momfessionals blog for Show & Tell Tuesday & today we are talking all things vacation ... the best & the worst! 😉

A bad vacation!?  Is that even possible!??

There is if you are a new mama to a seven week old baby & your stuck in a hotel room the ENTIRE week.
May 2010

When Cooper was seven weeks old, Dan had to go to Augusta, GA for work.  Since Cooper was so little, I didn't want to be home by myself with him so we packed up & went with him.  Evidently I was completely exhausted when I made the decision to go because I didn't even think about the fact that I wouldn't have a car to leave the hotel & Dan had to work every day 8am-5pm.  Mama's, you can only imagine how I was feeling by Tuesday!  And not to mention, one morning Cooper had woke up & after I fed him we fell back asleep & he rolled right off the hotel bed into the floor.  Remember he was only SEVEN WEEKS OLD!  Don't get me wrong, I really tried to make the best of it but all in all, it just wasn't a fun trip.


And now for the best vacations . . .

Last year, I did a post and shared a few of my favorite vacations so if you want to read that one you can find it here.

1.  Royal Caribbean Cruise
In the summer of 2008, Dan & I took a cruise to the Bahamas.
It was our very first vacation just the two of us & was SO much fun!

2. Cabo, San Lucas
We honeymooned in Cabo & it was incredible!
We are making plans to go back just the two of us again & I am so excited!

3.  Beach 2010
Cooper's very first beach vacation was on of my favorites even though he won't ever remember it.

4.  Carnival Cruise

 I'm pretty sure I'd love any cruise I went on!
We took a cruise to Nassau & Half Moon Cay when Cooper was 18 months old & loved it.  Even if we did run into a storm & got sea sick. 😉
And I mean y'all!
This may have been my most favorite moment on that vacation!

5.  Beach 2013

Just like Cooper's first trip, Millie Jo's first time at the beach was one of the best too.  I just love seeing their little tiny piggies in the sand!
That sweet girl with her "pappies"!

6.  Disney Cruise
Ok ... ok! 
Hands down our best vacation!

We just took our first Disney cruise a few weeks ago & we are all still talking about it.  Everyday Millie Jo will say, I wish we were still on the boat.  Me too, girlfriend ... me too!
You can read all about our cruise here ...
Day Three

There's a few of my best vacations ... & one not so great one! 😉

And here's a look at our upcoming Show & Tell Tuesday posts . . .


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