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Mother's Day Pictures ~ 2017

by - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Yesterday I shared our Mother's Day weekend with you & today I am sharing ALL the pictures we took after lunch & dinner.

All of the pictures were taken with the iPhone ... yep, just a phone!  That 7plus is pretty incredible! 😉

Mother's Day with my mama ...

Mother's day with my mother-in-love ...
[And she wanted me to make sure I mentioned that these weren't taken right after church but after an amazing steak dinner the guys cooked for us & we were all in comfier clothes. 😉]

The outtakes ...
Because who doesn't love them!?!

When a bug flew down the back of Grammy's dress! HA!!
Life of a Mimi!

I can't say enough how blessed Dan & I are with such amazing families.  Do we always agree?  No.  Do we always get along?  Nope.  But we do agree on the most important things in life & when there are times we don't get along, we try to resolve the issue fast & love each other through it all.

Family is so special & I couldn't have hand picked better human beings to do life with!


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