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Our Disney Cruise :: Day 2

by - Friday, May 12, 2017

It's day two ... day two ... day two of our Disney cruise!

Wait for it ... wait for it ... EEEEK!! 😃

And today is a picture overload.  So grab your coffee because you may be here a while!

If you missed our day in Port Canaveral you can see it here & day one on the Disney Dream here.

On Saturday we docked in Nassau.  We have been to Nassau several times before on different cruises so we decided to stay on the ship.  I am so glad we did!  One of the many great things about a Disney cruise, is that you are never bored.  You have no time to be.  They have things you can do every 15 minutes ... seriously!
A few months ago, I went online and reserved tickets for the Princess Meet & Greet.  This may have been Millie Jo's favorite part of the entire trip! 
She met Cinderella ...
Belle ...
Rapunzel ... again ... which she was totally fine with.
And Tiana ... again! 😉

While we were busy meeting princesses ... Dan, my mom & Cooper went to eat breakfast & then headed to the pool.
And look who we found after seeing the princesses!
Once we got up to the pool, we couldn't find Dan & Coop ...
No worries though, they were just hanging out with Pirate Jake!

We also reserved tickets for the Frozen Meet & Greet so after lunch by the pool, Millie Jo & I headed to meet Anna & Elsa!  Reason #578 why Disney is the way to go ... there was tons of other stuff Dan & Cooper could go do since Coop didn't care to meet the princesses! 😉
Her princess pose on the grand staircase.

We spent the rest of the early afternoon by the pool until it was time to go to Coop's sports simulator that we signed him up for!
This girl & I ate all the ice cream .. all day every day!
How stinkin' cool is this!?!
They have a sports simulator & golf simulator.  It's incredible!
Coop chose the sports one a few months back.  And he got to play all the things ... football, basketball, hockey, cricket & soccer!

After that, both kiddos asked to go to the Oceaneer's Kids Club.  I won't lie, at first I felt kind of guilty for leaving them but after talking to several people that had been on Disney Cruises before, they said if they don't go they are missing out.
Y'all, my kiddos LOVED it!!
They have so many different activities going on in there!  I am so, so glad they wanted to go.

And while they were there ...
the three of us went to an adult only area for an hour ... because why not!?! 😉
And the characters even come up there!
At this point Cooper & Millie Jo had not yet met Daisy Duck & weren't very happy when we showed them this picture! Ha!

Once we picked the kiddos up from the kids club we went back to the room to shower & rest until dinner time.
Sweet Minnie Mouse girl.
Dinner was at the Animator's Palate.
The food was so good but the entertainment on the tv screens above our table was even better!
And let's just talk about the desserts ... oh my heart!
I'm not a huge lemon fan but this lemon pie was amazing.  And look at the cookie's & cream sundae ... also known as Coop's favorite!

After dinner we went & changed clothes for Pirate Night!
THE best night in my opinion! 😃
Love my little pirates!

We love a good pirate party!!

On this night we went and saw the show about the Disney Heroes & Villains.
I can't say enough how incredible the shows were!
How cute is Millie Jo's new friend, Paisley!?
They were our dinner buddies & we found out they only live a little over an hour away from us!
Such a small world!

Okay, okay ... so our pirate faces need a little work! 😃
We ended our night on the top deck watching fireworks & dancing with pirates!

And that was day two!
 Next week will wrap up our Disney Cruise!

Happy Friday y'all!
I hope your weekend is SO good!!


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  1. You guys look like you are having the best time! Enjoy! Happy Mother's Day! :)

  2. So fun!!! I'd definitely agree with staying on the ship at Nassau! I wish we would've done the same!

  3. Oh my goodness I am loving following along and I love it all!!!! Do all the Disney cruises have a pirate night? How did you know what to pack? Xoxo Erin