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My Favorite Military Vest & Shirt

by - Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Hey Hey Tuesday!
We got back yesterday evening from the most amazing vacation ever & I can't wait to share all about with you.
But today I wanted to share quite possibly the cutest & most comfiest outfit in my closet with you! :)

I love everything about it from the vest all the way down to the open toe wedges!

You can find my complete outfit here ...

Pants are LulaRoe

Cortney, who is the owner over at Cortney's Couture, is super sweet & is always posting new items on her Facebook page which I have linked the vest & shirt to.  The best part is that it everything is SO affordable!  And y'all know that I love good prices.
  Go like her page & happy shopping! :)


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  1. Looking lovely - I don't have a camo piece in my closet but I think it would be a fun addition! So happy you had a blast on vacation! Xoxo Erin

    1. Do it, girl!! This one is so soft! If you like her Facebook page & message her, she can tell you if she has any more then ship it to you!