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A Little Bit of This & That

by - Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Today I'm sharing ...
with you :).

Believe it or not ... there are a lot of pictures that I haven't shared with you from our life lately!
 Y'all, I didn't think Coop could get any cuter ... & then he had to get glasses!
How stinkin' cute is he!?!
Almost everyday Millie Jo will ask me to curl her hair but then halfway through it, she is ready to get down because she is ready to play.  But when she does let me finish, it's SO pretty.  I mean, #hairgoals ;).  She calls it her mermaid hair.

pssssst .... her hair doesn't hold curl for very long but she loves it while it lasts.
One day during spring break we went and had ice cream before Dan had to go to work.
Cooper's new thing is to NOT take pictures smiling ... I have to beg.
Always on the ball field ...
or golf course ...
or at the dance studio.
One of our most favorite things to do is have a picnic right in our living room floor and watch a movie.
And I have no clue what is on Millie Jo's iPad.  HA!! I can almost bet it is something on YouTube kids though ....
 And another day on spring break, this crazy crew met up at the museum.
I'm sure that museum didn't know what hit them :).
Before we went inside, we had a picnic.
And then we headed to get some of the best ice cream ... EVER!
Sweet friends.
A few weeks ago, Cooper's school had their spring book fair & I volunteered at it.  The theme was ... you guessed it, super heroes.
Love my little sidekicks!

There's a look at what our life has looked like lately!
That & us counting down the days to summer break :).


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