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Vacation :: Days 4 & 5

by - Thursday, July 07, 2016

Happy Thursday!

Today I'm sharing days 4 & 5 of our vacation with you.

Here we go ...

Day 4 we spent the whole day on the beach ... again :).
Love these two beach babes.
This boy & I played so much football in the water everyday & had the best time.

Dan & his girls.

After playing all day on the beach, showers & naps it was time for dinner ...
When you unintentionally match.
Love this guy.
Take 1 ...
Take 2 ...
Mr. Sunshine was oh so bright!
Love doing vacation with these people every year.
We had dinner at one of our favorite sea food restaurants in Calabash ... Ella's.
My guys ... & their love for Under Armor as I told you in yesterday's post.
Trying to get a picture of Millie Jo & Coop does this.
These two!
We love our JuJu.
We headed to Barefoot Landing {tons of shops} after dinner.
Millie Jo has been asking us for weeks if she could to the "jumpy thing" at the beach if they had one.  She was so excited when we found one!
The girl has no fear.
She tried doing a front flip & a back flip but couldn't ever get flipped over.
She's a mess!

Give them ice cream & balloons & they're happy.

Day 5 was filled with more beach fun ...

Cooper cracked us up.
He couldn't care less to go swimming in the pool at our condo but you couldn't get the boy out of the ocean.
Give me the pool all day ... I only go ankle deep in the ocean.  I like being able to see through the water!
Millie Jo loves mermaids.
I can't wait to share days 6 & 7 with you tomorrow.  You'll see just how much she loves them!
Every day Cooper & his uncle Ethan would dig a huge hole.
This was one of Coop's favorite things to do.  I think Ethan enjoyed it too :).

That night after dinner we headed down to Ocean Drive to enjoy a band & ice cream.
I think we ate ice cream every single day!

It was packed but so much fun.

We even found some rides!
Waiting on our kiddos to finish riding.
We got back to the condo about 10 that night & the pool didn't close until 11 ... guess who wanted to swim!?!
Mermaids in hand.
Such a little fish!
She starts swim lessons next week & I honestly think she'll be swimming by the end of the two weeks.  She already goes under water holding her breath & doesn't like wearing her puddle jumper!

That's what days 4 & 5 looked like.
Tomorrow I will wrap up our vacation posts with days 6 & 7!



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