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Our trip to see Santa ...

by - Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!
Y'all, we are so stinkin' excited for Christmas!
On Saturday, Dan & I took our kiddos to see the big guy.  I was a little worried about Millie Jo because anyone in a costume freaks her out.  She did great though ... once she let go of my arm & would actually sit on his lap :).
Excuse me while I pinch their faces off! {insert emoji with big puffy red heart eyes here}
SANTA!!! .... We know him!

The Bass Pro Shop Santa rocks. 
We have went every year since Coop was a baby & it never disappoints.
They have crafts for the kids (this years craft was a snowman ornament made out of a fishing bobber), a place to color & even write a letter to Santa.

That's some serious concentration right there :).
Cooper has asked for a watch & Millie Jo has asked for a baby.  Not a baby doll, a baby.  Y'all, unless Santa knows something that I don't, she will not be getting a real baby right now.  That girl makes me laugh!
Our Santa picture 2015!
Before I go I'll go ahead & share again what ol Fred the Elf has been up to this week.  Tomorrow he heads back to the North Pole with Santa ...

This was a good spot until I opened the window & Fred took a nose dive.
That Fred loves him some candy canes.
On this night the kiddos asked Fred to take their letters they wrote to Santa to the North Pole with him ....
He did & left them this letter.
He also played a few games of Tic Tac Toe with Elsa :).
He's hanging with his crew tonight before heading back tomorrow night.
My Frozen obsessed girl will LOVE this!
There you have it!
Our trip to meet with the big guy & Fred.
Tomorrow's post will be super short seeing that it will be Christmas Eve but I will be sharing our Christmas card this year with you!
Enjoy your Christmas Eve Eve!

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