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1st Annual Framily Christmas Party

by - Thursday, December 17, 2015

First things first ...

Yesterday was my hubby's 29th birthday & since we had 3,343 things going on I didn't get to blog so today was a must even if it is a day late!!
We're so thankful for him!
Here's a funny little story for you ... The first birthday we ever spent together was his 17th & that was the first night he kissed me.  We were standing outside of my parents house & it was so cold I was shivering ... when he kissed me I bit his lip.  He still doesn't let me forget it & that was 12 years ago! :)  I love you, Dan & hope you had the best birthday!!
This year we decided to get all of our kiddos together & have a framily Christmas party & we called it just that! Framily is just a silly little word we came up with a while ago & it just kind of stuck.  I love having friends who are more like family!!  Instead of letting our kiddos exchange gifts we all baked & decorated cookies together! 
So much fun!!
Here is a few of us!
We all wore our Christmas shirts & had us a party!!
Have you ever tried baking & decorating cookies with 8 kiddos?? It was quite funny.  I mean to tell you that the little ones ate more sprinkles & m&m's than they decorated :).
The boys decorated their cookies & then were back outside playing football.  You know, typical boys.

The girls LOVED it though & wanted to help with everything!
I wish I had at least half the energy this girl has!
Every time we are together you can bet she is going to ask to take a picture with me & wants it put on my blog!
Love her!!
I'd say our 1st Annual Framily Christmas Party turned out pretty great!  This is something I will definitely look forward to doing every year! 
Hey, it's a new ... framily tradition (in my Hank Williams Jr voice .. HA!).
Happy Friday Eve to you!
Only 1 more day until Christmas break ... eek!
We can do this!


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