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Christmas 2015 :: Part Two

by - Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas morning was so exciting. 
 This was the first year Millie Jo really got the whole Santa thing.  It was lots of fun.  One of my most favorite things is to see the joy on my kiddos faces on Christmas morning :).
I mean, right!?!

Every Christmas morning we wake up ... (I had to wake my kiddos up at 7:30 because I couldn't wait any longer. Hehe) we see what Santa brought & then about 10:00 Grammy, Pop & Paw-Paw come over to see what the kiddos got.  I cook a breakfast pizza & we have hot chocolate or coffee.  I love that little tradition.
How cool that we caught Santa putting the gifts out.
We did this last year & the kids LOVED it so we decided to do it again!
Santa came!

Santa brought Twister.
Lots of laughs during this game!

I wanted to do something really special for Dan this year so I had Millie Jo's picture made in my wedding gown.  Seeing his face when he opened these was priceless!
Matching pj pants :)
Christmas morning with my favorite people.
Christmas day for lunch we go to my in-loves house.
Look at these sweet faces waiting patiently for all their presents!
My Washington Redskin loving boy!
He got a Redskin comforter for his bed AND his very own Redskin corn hole boards.
Happy boy!
I'm one blessed lady!
Christmas night we went to my dads house ...
& then loaded up in my car to go to our maw-maw's house.
Cousins & a goofy uncle :)
Since we were gone most of the day we came home & let the kiddos play with all their stuff.  They played until midnight & then crashed.
This is how Dan & I ended Christmas night.

Such a very merry Christmas.

I hope yours was too!

Tomorrow I will share Christmas 2015 part 3 :)


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