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Goodbye, 2015 ... Hello, 2016

by - Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking back at this past year I wish I could sit here & write a whole post about how wonderful it was, but I can't.  In fact, it can be best described this way ... do you know how a piece of paper looks after it's been crumbled up & then straightened back out?  If life was a book & 2015 was a chapter a lot of the pages of this chapter would look just like that.  Don't get me wrong, some parts really were wonderful, some were great, but some parts were really, really hard.  There were some moments that were happy, some sad, some beautiful, some ugly & some just down right heartbreaking. Although this past year was hard, it was so rewarding.  Knowing that anything that happens is no surprise to God gives me such a peace.  I will forever thank Him through the good & the bad situations that life brings us.  

As easy as it would be to sit & talk about how hard 2015 was, I won't.  I'm choosing to see the good in all things & I know that without a doubt at the end of the day God received the glory in all situations, just as we prayed that He would.

 I will remember 2015 as being the year my sweet Millie Jo turned 2 years old, my sweet Cooper celebrated his 5th birthday, started Kindergarten AND lost his first two teeth.  The year I saw my family come together during many different situations and continued to love each other & be there for one another. The year Dan & I got so close to some of the greatest friends and the year that regardless of all the mess we went through, Dan & I chose to keep God first & go at our battle hand in hand together just like He wanted us to do.

One of the things I learned in 2015 is life can change in a split second.  We
should live every day to the fullest, forgive even when you can't forget & love with all of our hearts.  It's not about if trials & tribulations come our way, it's when & as long as we keep our eyes to Jesus we can get through anything.

I'm praying 2016 is full of love, lots of laughs, peace, great health, friends & family.

I saw this the other day & loved it ...
& joy is what I choose to have :)

 Happy, happy New Year from my family to yours!


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