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North Pole Breakfast!

by - Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Fred came to our house for the first time when Cooper was 2 years old.  He didn't understand exactly what he was there for at the time but he did love looking for him every morning even when he was so little. 
I personally love when Fred comes to visit.  I mean, don't get me wrong I forget to move him some nights & I have to get Dan to move him before he leaves for work but that's just life.  I love seeing my kiddos' eyes light up every morning when they find him & I love hearing them giggle.  They both talk to him & it's just fun to listen to.
Saturday morning is when Fred came back & boy does he throw a party when he does :)  We love our North Pole Breakfast!

 How cute is that table cloth!?! It was a huge hit!

Each year when Fred comes he brings the kids a present.  It's always an ornament that represents something that they have loved that year.
 He knows them well :)
Cooper got a Redskin football ornament & Millie Jo got ...
an Elsa ornament!
Girlfriend is Frozen obsessed!

Cooper was more ready for breakfast than a picture!
Miss Priss didn't want pancakes ... she wanted cereal & chocolate chips!
Fred brings the Elf on the Shelf book with him so after breakfast Dan read it to our kiddos!
Our North Pole Breakfast was a huge success again this year.
Call me crazy, but I always look forward to it! :)

I can't wait to share with you what Fred the Elf has been getting into!

Happy Wednesday!

Please continue to pray for my cousin, Allison, her hubby, kiddos & the rest of our families. 
As I go to bed tonight I can't help but think of this verse.  We have no idea what the future holds but we know the One who holds it & for that I'm so thankful.  I'm praying for strength, peace & understanding in the days to come & I also pray that all things be done for the glory of God.


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