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Weekend Wrap Up . . .

by - Monday, December 12, 2016

Happy Monday!

Here's what we were up to this weekend . . .
Our Friday started off extra cute!

I had to work at Coop's school for a little bit that morning.  And school got out early that day too since our town's parade was that afternoon.
After I finished up at the school, I went ahead & checked Coop out & we met up with Dan for lunch.
These two & I were in the parade & rode on Coop's school float.
Millie Jo has been in two parades before with dance but this was Cooper's first time & he was so excited! :)
Friday night we had the sweetest company.
Little mama, I mean, Millie Jo was loving it!

Saturday morning we had no plans & I was perfectly fine with that.
And then Saturday evening we celebrated our friend Katie's birthday.
Love date nights with my sweet hubby!
My guys were given Panther tickets from our friends on Saturday afternoon to Sunday's game so that's where they spent their day.

To say Coop was excited would be an understatement! 
The boy loves football . . . just in case y'all didn't know! ;)
While the boys were at the game, this girl & I stayed home, watched the game & made our grocery list ... as reindeer .. because "Mama, let's see what's on snnnapchat" in her sassy little voice :).
Once Dan & Coop got home from the game we ran to the grocery store . . . but not without a piggy back ride first.

I love these two so much!  And Millie Jo may or may not be wearing Coop's shoes . . .
 We ended our weekend watching the Cowboys . . . lose.  Sigh.
And when the game got so bad . . . you know, like pretty much the whole time . . . I watched the new season of Fuller House.  Gosh, it's so good!

And that was our weekend.
I hope yours was great, too!


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