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by - Thursday, December 08, 2016

On Saturday morning we went to see Santa!

Oh these two.
I love them big!

We started going to the Bass Pro Shop to see Santa several years ago for a couple reasons.  1) The Santa is great there. 2) They allow you to take your own pictures which I love.  3) You get a free 5x7 picture whether you buy a package or not.  And 4) They have little tables set up right beside the line you wait in so the kiddos can color, make an ornament & even write their letters to Santa while you wait.

We just love everything about it!
Even Bitty Baby helped write Millie Jo's letter :).
Oh my heart!
This may just be my most favorite picture!

Going to visit the big guy is something we all look forward to every year.  I love watching my kiddos see Santa for the first time from across the mall.  They start jumping up & down, yelling "Santa, Santa" while waving to him & then get so excited when he waves back to them.  And I love watching them sit on his lap telling him all the things they want for Christmas.  Everything about it is just so magical!

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