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North Pole Breakfast!

by - Thursday, December 01, 2016

This past Saturday our elf, Fred, decided to show up & he brought a fun breakfast with him plus a couple other surprises.
When it comes to throwing a party, Fred really knows how to do it.  And I could be crazy, but I really think he likes doing it ... like, a lot :).

He somehow knew that Cooper & Millie Jo love Hershey kisses so he had plenty of those, sprinkles & Christmas tree cakes.

Every year Fred brings the kiddos a new ornament to put on their trees in their rooms but not just any ornament.  He brings one that best describes what each one of them were into that year.
He brought Cooper a moose dressed up like a Carolina Panther player ... because why not!?!  He's been obsessed this year.  Maybe not today but every other day. Hahaha!  And he brought Millie Jo Poppy Corn Popcorn Shopkin for two reasons .. 1) The girl LOVES popcorn.  She literally wants it every night for her bedtime snack with a cup of milk.  2) She discovered Shopkins this year & LOVES them!
I found our plates & mugs at Target on clearance a couple years ago.

Fred had even left them a note saying that he left Ruthie Belle a ornament on our tree for them to find.
I love how excited they got!
Is there really anything sweeter than bed head!?! :)
Love my girl so much!

And my guys.
We did something new this year & made pancakes together.  We even cut them in the shapes of gingerbread men, Christmas trees & reindeer. 
They thought Fred would like that ;).
I think I may just love this new tradition, too!
While eating we read the Elf on the Shelf book.

And there's that.

How do y'all welcome your Elf on the Shelf back!?!  I love hearing different ideas!

Jingle Jangle Breakfast 2015

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