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Weekend Wrap Up . . .

by - Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Our weekend started off with a sick little boy but thankfully after lots of rest he felt better by the afternoon.
And while Dan stayed home with Coop while he slept, this girl, my mom & I headed to a little boutique sale.
Goodness gracious, I love her!
And I love this boy, too!
Later that afternoon, once he woke up, he decided to pull his other front tooth ... himself!
We have joked since he lost it that all he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth :).
Friday evening we had no plans so we cuddled up & watched the Polar Express.
Saturday morning we built our gingerbread house ... and by built I mean decorated because who am I kidding, we bought the pre built one.  HA!

That afternoon we headed to see the Big Guy.
It was such a magical time & it's a post in itself, so more on that later!
Grammy & Pop went with us to see Santa & afterwards we grabbed dinner at our favorite Cajun restaurant.

Sunday morning we headed to church . . .
And then grabbed lunch.
These two had everyone laughing as they were each taking a drink of their drinks then switching real fast after one sip while giggling.
Sunday afternoon after lunch, I look over & see this.
Oh my heart!
And Sunday night we headed to dinner to celebrate a certain man in our life that we love so much ;).

That was our weekend.
I hope y'all had a great one, too!

And yesterday I shared our Christmas décor so if you missed it, go check it out!


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