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Christmas 2016 :: Part One

by - Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hey Hey!

Our Christmas was pretty incredible & I hope yours was too!

Dan took Wednesday, Thursday & Friday off from work last week & we loved having him home with us all the time.
On Friday night we headed over to my mom's house to bake.

Baking with my mama & sister may just be one of my most favorite Christmas traditions ever.  And my kiddos helping makes it even better! :)

We laugh so much & it's just always a good time.  If you follow me on Instagram [@theperfectlyimperfectmama] then you saw that I just now figured out how to speed up a video on snapchat ... [I'm always late to things in the world of technology] but that feature is seriously the best.
And speaking of laughing ...
This boy keeps me doing so!
I love him big!

I'm so glad Dan caught this picture.  These are the moments I want to remember forever!

These three.
We started our Christmas Eve out with the Pegram side of the family.
How sweet are these cousins!?!  We sure did miss baby Cayd though ... & his mommy & daddy!
That afternoon we went to a family Christmas Eve service at church.
It was amazing!
My prayer is that my kiddos always know the true meaning of Christmas.

After the service we went to my father-in-loves house to open gifts from him.
And then we headed to my parents house.
When my parents went to Honduras a couple weeks ago, they handed out candles & told everyone to light theirs at 6pm on Christmas Eve so that we all can celebrate Jesus at the exact same time.
Pretty amazing idea, right!?!  So while there were candles being lit here there were also candles being lit all around Honduras ... & all for Jesus.

Me & my mama would show up to the party in our Christmas sweaters ;).
Love them so much!
By the end of the night these two had their jammies on & were ready to go home & get ready for Santa!
But not without going to see the Christmas lights first!

When we got home we sprinkled our reindeer food out in the front yard, put out milk & cookies for Santa & then went to bed.

Tomorrow I will share our Christmas day with you!


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