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Weekend Wrap Up . . .

by - Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Happy Tuesday y'all!
Let's all take a minute & be thankful that this election is almost over.  Goodness gracious!

And with that being said . . .

Ok, back to our weekend.  It was a busy one but so great :).

Here's what we were up to . . .
On Friday morning we voted.
Praying for God's will to be done!

On Saturday morning we had a huge yard sale.  You never realize how much junk stuff you accumulate over the years!  My heart, we had tons! 
When you have to make a Walmart run & forget that you've been wearing your slippers all morning while having a yard sale . . .
My kiddos & I were walking in & I looked down to see my fashion statement & we laughed so hard the entire time we were there!

On Saturday night after begging & begging .... just kidding, they didn't have to beg at all .... I let them put their Christmas trees up in their rooms.
They love Christmas just as much as their mama!
We both got in the car Sunday morning & headed to church & had to laugh ... he had his navy sweater on with his red polo underneath & I had my red/navy dress on.
This man.
For lunch I made Shay's Chicken Pot Pie & posted this picture on Instagram.
I'm a HUGE fan of hers so you can only imagine how excited I was when I saw that she had liked AND commented on my picture!!! Eeeeeek!

If you haven't gotten her cookbooks yet, stop what you're doing & go get them!
On Sunday afternoon me & my girl headed to a baby shower.
Can we all say threenager!?!  She's a mess! 
And if you ask her why her Pop calls her "Mildew" she will say "because I rotten."  That she is!
After the shower we walked across the street to the park.
I just love her!
Sunday evening we put up our big Christmas tree!
Eeeeek! :)

And that was our weekend!

I hope yours was amazing!


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