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Halloween 2016

by - Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I'm still trying to play catch up & thought Halloween deserved a post of it's own so today I am sharing all things Halloween with you ... which is weird as I sit here next to my Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music ... & watching a movie on Hallmark :).

Our Halloween festivities actually started the weekend before Halloween with Coop's school Fall festival . . .

Oh these two.
They crack me up!
Millie Jo & her best buddy, Berk Berk :).
Coop talked about doing the cake walk all week long & the little stinker won the very first time he played.  And of course he picked the one with the most cupcakes ... because why not!?!

Since I am on the PTO & the PTO are the ones who are over the Fall Festival, I was sort of all over the place so my sweet sister & mother-in-love came & walked around with my kiddos!  I am SO thankful for them.  I couldn't have gotten through the night without them.

Every year our friends, the Livingstons, throw a Halloween party.  We look forward to it every year!  And my kiddos talk about this party for days & days afterwards :).

Halloween on a Monday!?!  Boo.
I think we can all agree that we like it much better when it's on a weekend!
But I love these two so much.
Halloween night we headed to a church Fall festival.
I think I told you last year that our neighborhood is known for the trick or treating around our town ... I'm talking if you leave you may not get back into the neighborhood until everyone is finished!  It's insane.  But we left anyway & it ONLY took us 20 minutes to get back INTO the neighborhood after the festival ;).
My sweet Shopkin Cupcake Princess & cool Carolina Panther football player ready to play games & get lots of candy!
Grammy went with us & I am so glad she did because there were TONS of people there!
And Dan met us there.
These two love their daddy!
Look how beautiful the sky was later that evening!
All the puffy hearts!

Once we got back home it was only about 8:30 & there were still people out trick or treating so we walked our street & the kids got loaded up with candy because people were ready to stop & were just trying to get rid of it!  I mean, that is the way to trick or treat! Only walking to a hand full of houses & still getting tons of candy!?! Yes, please.

And that was our Halloween!
This is always a holiday we look so forward to.  It's just so much fun!


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