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3 Things Right Now.

by - Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Andreawho I link up with for Friday Favorites & Show & Tell Tuesdays does a post like this on her sweet family.  She tells 3 things about her people during this time in their lives & when I saw it last year I just loved the idea so I started doing it myself with my family.  I don't know about you, but I want to have all this to look back on one day & remember these days that go by oh so quickly.
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3 things right now . . .
1.  Cooper has just recently gotten really into playing basketball.  Our neighbors have two teenage boys & several weeks ago they invited him to play basketball with them in our cul-da-sac.  He's been hooked ever since.  So much that Paw-Paw David (Dan's dad) bought him a basketball goal & new basketball.  Outside playing is where you can find that boy every afternoon.
3.  Cooper is so much fun to talk to.  He asks tons of questions, wants to know everything about everything & is so funny.  Some of our best conversations happen when just the two of us are in the car or if I'm laying down with him for a few minutes at night because he can't fall asleep.  Trust me, I'm soaking all the snuggles in with him that I can because I know all too soon he will not want to.
3.  Cooper only has 4 1/2 days of Kindergarten left.  I can't believe it.  Time just flies by.  I feel like I was just walking him in every day the first week, crying as he cried because he didn't want me to leave him.
Bonus :: Cooper has came up with a new word.  Cha-lot.  One night as I was tucking him in I told him I loved him & he replied with "I love you most cha-lot."  I asked what it meant & he said "Mom, you know I love chocolate so if I say cha-lot I must love you a lot."  So it has stuck & we now all say it.
1.  Millie Jo has such a southern drawl.  I've always noticed it but the older she gets the more southern she sounds.  I won't lie, I love it.  My favorite word she says is "Cooper."  Just here recently she has started saying it differently & it's the sweetest thing.  If she's not calling him Cooper or Coop, she's calling him Coop Troop ... that's what Dan has always called him.
2.  Millie Jo is getting ready to have her first dance recital.  My girl loves dance so much.  I can not wait to watch her in her first recital this weekend.
3.  Millie Jo has a huge imagination.  She doesn't need anyone to play with.  As long as she has her babies she is perfectly fine.  She pretends every day that she is their mommy ... so much that she will be playing saying 'Mommy, Mommy' & I answer her every time & she has to say "no, I'm talking to my babies."
Bonus :: Millie Jo has learned to swing on the big swing by herself.  And she loves to go high which scares this mama.  The girl has no fear.  Shouldn't she still be a baby!?!  I want to hear her say "push me mommy" over & over again.
1.  We are getting ready to start a new devotion together.  Chonda Pierce has a bible study out called Laughing in the Dark.  It is a study on the book of Job.  We are so looking forward to doing this together.
2.  We are getting ready to start painting rooms in our house.  We have been here one year {in April} & have yet to do anything to our room.  We keep saying we are & then something comes up.  We have plans to start soon though!  We also have plans to makeover the playroom since it will be staying a playroom for a little bit longer. 
3.  We are beyond ready for vacation.  The countdown is on . . . only a few more weeks!
There you go . . 3 things about us!
Happy Wednesday!

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