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Life Lately.

by - Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hey there, Thursday.
Life around here lately has been full of smiles & sunshine.
Here's what we have been up to . . .
We love a good waterpark!
On the last day of school my friend & I got all of our kiddos together for some water gun, water balloon & sprinkler fun. Two of our Summer Bucket List items checked off :).
More waterpark fun!

I imagine we will spend a lot of our time here this summer .. especially when it is 90+ degrees every day. Holy cow!
I couldn't get this boy in the water last year & this year I can't get him out!
Tuesday night we had dinner at my parent's house.
What's dinner without a little photo shoot!?!
Love this girl so much!
A little not so friendly game of croquet after dinner where Coop was in last place the whole time but ended up coming back & beating Dan & I both.  In our defense he has played with my mom before & we had never played. HA!

Well, that's what life has looked like around here.
We are enjoying our summer so much!



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