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Weekend Wrap Up.

by - Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Monday!
I hope y'all had a great weekend because we sure did!
Here's what we were up to . . .
Friday Dan had to cover second shift.  The good part about that is he didn't have to go into work until 2:00 that afternoon . . the bad part, he didn't get home until after midnight that night.
Since he didn't go in until later, we surprised this cute boy & had lunch with him.
Friday night we met Grammy & Pop for Mexican.
After dinner we ran out to the mall.
This girl cracks me up!  Every manikin she passes she stops & either hugs them or holds their hand.
{Insert us laughing so hard here}
Told ya.
Once we got home from dinner we watched a movie, snuggled & fell asleep.  They tried waiting up for Dan but it didn't happen.
Love these two so much.
Saturday we had a family day date. 
I must say, it was our sweetest one yet.
{Much more on it later this week!}
We started doing a Mommy/Cooper, Daddy/Millie Jo date once a month last year but with so much going on lately we've been super slack but those little dates are getting ready to start back up again!
Sunday we headed up to the mountains for a family picnic with my in-loves.
Oh my heart.  So much fun!
{Much more on that to come this week too.}
That was our weekend!
We've had so much family time here lately.  I'm not just talking about our little family but both sides of our immediate families & it has been so good for us.  I love how God works.  His hand is in it all.  He knows just what we need & exactly when we need it.


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