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Life Lately . . .

by - Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hello Thursday!
Here's a look at what we've been up to . . .
{& as I said in Monday's post, I am playing catch up so get ready for picture overload}
At the end of April Cooper took swim lessons for two weeks.
He was so nervous to go but he did amazing ... just as I knew he would! 
On the last night we celebrated by going to Sweet Frog.
I tried getting Millie Jo in his class but it filled up so fast.  She goes in July & is so excited!

We kept Coop out of school one day last week & him, Dan & Dan's dad went to play golf at Mount Mitchell.
Dan has wanted to play this course for years!
He took tons of pictures.  The course is just beautiful!
If you know Cooper or have been reading my blog then you know that golf is his thing.
He has been swinging a golf club since he was 3 years old.
I mean to tell you that the boy didn't get many toys for his birthday ... he got two gift certificates to play golf, one gift card to the driving range & several gift cards to putt-putt.  He just loves it & is really good at it!
Sunshine & her sweet smile.
Baby dolls & barbies . . . that's what makes this girl happy!
Family dinner shenanigans.
I love my guys! 
After dinner last week we took the kiddos to Krispy Kreme to get a donut.
Now all Coop talks about is how he is going to work there when he gets older just so he can watch the machine that makes the donuts run all the time.  Too funny!
Babies, babies, babies.
Friday morning she was up bright & early ready to play!
Friday afternoon we headed to me our buddies for ice cream.
{Coop rides home with them on Thursday & Fridays so he was already with them.}
These kiddos!
The whole point of the ice cream trip was because our friends, the Livingstons, couldn't make Coop's party back in March so they wanted to do something special for him.

They also let him pick out a present . . .
Yep, that's a fish.
Meet Cam Newton Cousins.
Evidently Cooper told them several months ago that he wanted a fish for his birthday . . . well, that's what he got!
Over the weekend my kiddos helped my mom plant flowers in their new "Angel Flower Garden" to remember our sweet baby.
I love these two big & their hearts!

That's what life has looked like around here lately!



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