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Family Picnic

by - Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hello Thursday!
 Sunday morning our family, including my in-loves, headed up to Blowing Rock, NC for a picnic.  When we got there the weather was chilly, mostly because the wind was blowing so much, but it soon warmed up a little & we had a blast.
We set up our chairs & blankets when we got there & then ate lunch.
Fried chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob, biscuits, mashed potatoes/gravy, chocolate cake AND cookies.  Now that is my kind of picnic!

Mimi & Paw-Paw.
This was all their idea & I must say, it was a pretty great one!

After lunch, it was time to play . . .

There was a lot of running, turning flips, blowing dandelions, picking flowers, playing tag & hide -n- seek.

There was a creek next to our picnic area & we didn't let the cooler weather stop us from playing in it.
Growing up I had a creek behind my house & that's where you could always find me, my sister & brother.  So playing in the creek Sunday made me feel like a kid again!
Love my girl . .
and my boy.

Mimi brought these little nets for the kiddos & Coop caught a baby salamander with his!

If you know Millie Jo then you know she loves the water.
The creek water was no different ... she loved it.  In fact, she asked me one time if she could lay down & swim in it.  I only said no because it was freezing!!

Dan teaching Coop how to skip rocks.
It's moments like these that I want to remember forever.

This man.
Love him so much!
Dan & Cooper at the dam.
All the guys took a trial to go see it while the girls hung out at the picnic area.

Once they got back from their little adventure we played a little bit longer then packed up & headed to downtown Blowing Rock.  They have little shops but most importantly a park that Millie Jo just couldn't wait to get to so she could swing! :)

We never go to Blowing Rock without stopping into Kilwins to get either fudge or ice cream.

After going into a few shops, eating ice cream & playing at the park everyone else went home . . .
but the 4 of us stayed & had dinner at Mellow Mushroom before heading home.

That was our family picnic!
There will definitely be more of these to come.
SO much fun!



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