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Mother's Day 2016

by - Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mother's Day was extremely hard for me this year.  

My parents were out of town for the weekend & we went to my in-loves house after church for lunch.  My kiddos were swimming, playing corn hole, running around having so much fun .. loving life .. I just couldn't help but smile.  As soon as I started smiling though & I felt joy in my heart, guilt flooded my body.  It's like Satan was in my head saying "I don't know why you're smiling, God just took your baby away from you 3 days ago ... you should be miserable."  As I was sitting there watching them play I realized that it is ok to smile ... even though my heart aches.  It doesn't mean that the pain isn't still there it just means that I know that my sweet baby is in heaven, safe in the arms of Jesus & my two kiddos that are here on earth need me.  They need to see me smile & hear me laugh.  They need their mama.

I received the sweetest & most thoughtful Mother's Day gifts this year . . .
Dan surprised me with this bracelet & it will forever be one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.
'Mommy to an Angel'

Cooper was so excited to give me my present that he made at school . . .
It was breakfast in bed in a bag.
It had a honey bun, green tea & an apple.
Such a cute gift!
Millie Jo made me this cute little card at church.
I love homemade gifts so much!

They had this set up at church which I thought was such a neat idea.
I love being their mama!
 These three made Mother's Day so special for me. 
I am so blessed to have them.



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