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Our Weekend.

by - Monday, February 29, 2016

Our weekend consisted of lots of cuddles, resting, Fuller House & strep throat. 
It was nice to slow down a little bit though!
I mean, you know there wasn't much going on when I only took 4 pictures.
Friday Millie Jo went to spend the night with Mimi & Paw-Paw.
Cooper was supposed to go buuuuuuut ...
We ended up at urgent care early Saturday morning ... with strep.
My poor boy did not feel well at all!
One thing you don't know about Coop is that he hates ... & I do mean HATES taking medicine.  Any kind.  He gags & ends up throwing up.  So, I was that mama & made him get the shot.  10 days of antibiotics?!? No thank you, we will take the shot.
But y'all ... he thanked me later for making him get that shot because by evening he was already feeling so much better!
He even wanted Chinese for dinner :).
Then we headed to get sis-sis!
On Sunday we had family pictures!
They were WAY past due.
I can't wait to get them all back!
But first, a selfie with my man :).
That was our weekend!
Happy Monday!

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