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My Sister's 30th Birthday Celebration ... Finally!

by - Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Happy Wednesday y'all!
My sister's 30th birthday was back in December & I had a fun little surprise girls night planned for her.  Unfortunately, December was a very tough month for our family & we decided to reschedule our night out.
Monday night the girls in our family (minus a couple who could not make it .. boo) headed to the Melting Pot for her birthday surprise.
I set it up to where her boyfriend, John would bring her as if they were going out to dinner.
Needless to say she was surprised when she walked in to see all of us ...
Love my sister!
We even sang Happy Birthday ... per Millie Jo's request :).
Love these girls so much!
Happy 30th Birthday (December 8th) to not only my big sister but also one of my best friends! I am so thankful for your life!!
And just for laughs here are a few pictures from when we were little ...



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