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Life Lately.

by - Thursday, February 04, 2016

If I must be honest, life around here lately has consisted of snotty noses & nasty coughs.  I mean, we have all passed it around.
Here's what we've been up to ... & I promise there are no pictures of the snotty noses :).
This is one of my best friends, Dominique.
In this picture she was 40 weeks pregnant. HA!
Last Thursday we met her at my favorite Mexican restaurant for some hot salsa & then we headed to Target to walk around.
Operation "get baby Rivers out" was underway.
He did not come until Monday. 
He is a beautiful, healthy baby boy though!
My happy girl.
Target, Starbucks & her baby doll.

Friday night, as promised, we had a bonfire.
Hands down one of this little dude's favorite things to do!
Saturday + my favorite people.
Saturday night, Dan & I finally had a date night which was way past due!
On Sunday night we headed over to Dominique's house to pick up her little girl, Olivia.
Since baby Rivers was on his way she got to spend the night with us.
Millie Jo's day was made.  That girl loves her some "Livia" :).
My tiny dancer & her baby doll ... imagine that!

That's been life around here lately!

Happy Friday Eve!



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