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Our Valentine Weekend.

by - Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Monday y'all!
I hope y'all had a very Happy Valentine's Day!
Mine was wonderful.  I spent time with all 3 of my loves.  It was an amazing weekend.
My little heart breaker ready for school on Friday.
How we Friday night.
I love my people!
Saturday morning Dan went to a boat show & I headed out with these two for the day.
First, we celebrated sweet little Asher's 2nd birthday :).
Love my girls.
Then, we headed to Target.
I mean, what's a Saturday without a Target run!?!
I love these two so much!
The Lord sure did bless Dan & I with amazing kiddos.
Oh Saturday night, we love you.
Typically Dan plans Valentine's day ... ok, ok he has forgotten a time or 4 ... love you babe ;) but this year I wanted to make it special for him so I planned it.
I'm always thankful to be his valentine but this year I was extra thankful.
 I love, love, LOVE this man!
Sunday morning  + Valentine's Day
Grammy & Pop took these two Saturday night to get me something for Valentine's & they picked out the sweetest little gifts.  They both couldn't wait to give them to me.  Millie Jo picked me out heart candle holders & Cooper got me these little chocolate hearts.  Before I opened his he said "Mama, I know you're going to love what I got you.  When I saw it, I just knew you would love them." I did!
Sunday after church the kiddos wanted to play outside so bad ... even in the 30 degree weather.  It lasted about 15 minutes but that was enough for them.
That was our weekend!
Full of love ... just the way I like it.

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