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Our Weekend.

by - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Wednesday!
We had such a busy weekend & it feels like we still haven't slowed down!
Here's what we were up ...
Friday night we went with Grammy & Pop to try out a Japanese restaurant.
It was delicious!!
My kiddos think it's so cool when they cook in front of us :).
Coop has started making funny faces in all pictures so before I snap the picture I have to say "Cooper, smile right." Obviously I forgot to say it before this one!

Saturday we met some of our family at our favorite little BBQ restaurant for lunch.
Love my sweet kiddos!!

After lunch we headed to the park before it started raining.
My kiddos would play outside all day long if we'd let them!
Cooper can't wait for baseball season to start so half of the time while we were at the park Millie Jo played on the playground & Dan practiced ball with him.
Sunday at church these two girls were matching in their black & white dresses :).
We had lunch with Paw-Paw, Mimi, Ethan & Megan after church.
Sunday night Disneyland 60 came on & of course my girl went crazy when they started singing Let It Go.
Sofia dress, Anna shoes, baby doll & lip gloss ... yep, she was ready!
That was our weekend!
I love spending time with my little family!!


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