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Snow Days :: Day 2

by - Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's not very often we get snow but when we do everything pretty much shuts down as if we've gotten 3 feet of it :).
Saturday we woke up to MORE snow.
We got up, ate breakfast, bundled up & headed outside for another fun day in the snow ...
Love my man!
{Even if he tackles me in the snow every single chance he gets.  At one time we thought for sure he broke my leg.}
Our kiddos wanted to play in the back yard so Saturday we spent most of our day at home.
We attempted a snowman but when the snow wouldn't stick together so well Coop got bored trying.
Maybe next snow storm, bud.
Snow babies.
My little not so much snow queen.
I mean, she liked it but only for about 20 minutes at a time.
I'll just put it this way, the girl would rather be swimming in a swimming pool with the sunshine out.
This picture looks sweet but they were NOT loving it.
We went for a walk & we made them hold hands every time they argued about ... wait for it ... who was going to be in the front on our walk.
Needless to say, they held hands most of the walk.
My blue eyed boy.
Geez, I love him.
After our walk Millie Jo was ready to go inside & stay so while Dan took her in Coop & I stayed outside to sled.
Here's our videos we took ...
We laughed so much!
That boy is just so much fun & says the funniest things!
Saturday afternoon we went inside & stayed inside for the rest of the day.
Snow days, I'm really starting to love you! :)


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