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Snow Days :: Day 1

by - Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Monday!
Our weekend was full of snow!
We woke up to the ground covered in snow on Friday morning & here it is Monday morning, school is cancelled & our driveway is still covered.
Here's what our first snow day looked like ...
We bundled up & headed outside.
{Am I the only one who feels like getting everyone ready to go out in the snow takes forever!?!  I won't lie, I warned my kiddos that if we got ready & went out we were staying out for a while.  It never failed though, Millie Jo would have to use the bathroom as soon as we walked outside. Sigh.}
My people.
Our best friends live one street over & have an awesome sledding hill so we walked to their house :).
Pegram 4.
These 2 are such big kids.
We had so much fun sledding!!

I love these two!!
At one time all the kiddos went inside to warm up so the adults stayed outside & played.
I think our goal was to see how many crazy ways we could sled.
That was our first snow day.
SO much fun!
It's very rare that my hubby's work is closed when it snows so we soaked up every minute of our long weekend!

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