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Show & Tell Tuesday :: Momfessionals Moments

by - Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy Tuesday!
Today I'm linking up with Andrea from The Momfessionals Blog to share our own "momfessionals."
The first show & tell Tuesday of 2016 was Introductions & Resolutions.  You can see that post here.
Here we go ...
1.  When both Cooper & Millie Jo were babies I would catch myself rocking side to side while we were out to dinner.  That sounds pretty normal until I tell you that I wouldn't be holding them at the time.  I'm sure people thought I was this crazy lady swaying back & forth while eating my dinner.
2.  I deep clean my house every Monday & I won't let my kiddos go in their rooms occupy my kiddos for at least an hour after I'm finished just so their rooms stay clean for a short time.
3.  Millie Jo has a pair of denim shorts that she wants to put on first thing EVERY single morning ... I hid them a few weeks ago & she has forgotten about them.
4.  If Dan goes outside to do something I tell the kiddos so they follow him.  He knows this :).
5.  Nine times out of ten you can find me in the car pool line with my bedroom shoes on.  I'll be dressed for the day but my bedroom shoes will be on my feet.  I'll be in trouble the day Millie Jo has to go to the bathroom & I have to walk in the school.
6.  Sometimes on the weekends I will fix juice cups the night before & stick them in the fridge where my kiddos can just grab them the next morning.  Then I tell them that we don't have oatmeal or waffles so they just grab the cereal or goldfish out of the pantry.  It keeps me from having to go downstairs right away.
7.  I can never praise my kids for playing so well together because every time I do, two minutes later they are fighting.
8.  As much as I'd love to nap when Millie Jo does, I do not.  Naps may be good for some people but not me.  I wake up in a terrible mood ... it's best for everyone if I just don't.
9.  I'm terrible at putting laundry away.  Most of the time if you want clean clothes & can't find them in your closet, you come in our room & go through your pile that is sitting on our couch.
There you have it!
A few of my "momfessionals" moments & I'm owning them.
I'm not a perfect mama nor do I try to be.  I just try to be the very best for my sweet kiddos!

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  1. I'm guilty of numbers 1 & 9! I always look around to see if anyone is looking at me after I catch myself rocking.

  2. Love her sweet little name...I have a Carly Jo. My youngest is 10 and seriously I still find myself doing the side to side thing!

  3. I am the queen of not putting laundry away. Washed, dried, folded? Check. Sitting in a pile on my bedroom floor a week later? Also check. :)

  4. I still rock side to side and my youngest is almost 4... I kind of hope I never quit doing it. And #4 is totally me, too! Love this list and glad I found your blog from the link-up!