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Life Lately

by - Thursday, January 07, 2016

Happy Friday Eve!

We're almost through the first week of school after Christmas break & about the time we get used to being up at 7:00 every morning it'll be the weekend :).  I have to give it to my kiddos though, they have been awesome getting back into a routine of things.

Here's what life around here has looked like lately ...
I told you in my Christmas post that Santa brought our kiddos Twister.  Well, the other day I was in the kitchen & looked down the hallway to see Cooper like this.  He was having the best time playing that game.
Sunday best.
Last week my mom, Millie Jo & I went out shopping for her birthday party stuff. 
 Miss Priss loves to shop ...

& twirl. 
After shopping we met Dan & Pop at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
She loves it just a little :).
It rained pretty much all last week so pajamas all day were a must.
{Yep, that's a couch full of clean laundry needing to be put away ... it finally did today.  That's real life folks!}

Pick up line selfies, we love you.
On Monday, my kiddos finally got their flu vaccine.  I honestly had no idea how that was going to go but they rocked it!
What better treat than Starbucks!?!
I'm all about easy meals that we all love.
We made little homemade pizzas this week & they were a huge hit!
Millie Jo couldn't wait to go back to dance this week ...
but it sure did wear her out!

That's us lately. 
You know, just trying to get back into our normal routine after a wonderful Christmas break!


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