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by - Monday, July 12, 2021

Happy Monday friends!

What a week it was last week.  Thank you all for your prayers & condolences for the loss of Dan's grandpa, Paw Paw the Great!  He truly was an amazing man & I am so thankful that I was able to be apart of his life.  What an incredible long life he lived!

Cooper & Millie Jo headed to the beach with Mimi & Paw Paw on July 4th & since they were not going to be home for all the fun, I had planned a little party for just the five of us at home to celebrate before they left.  Honestly, Paw Paw the Great passed away the morning of July 3rd so I started to not even do the party, but Dan insisted because the kids would love it.  And they did!

I won't give all the details on this post because it's already long, but tomorrow's post will share it all!

Those little glass bottle cokes were the most expensive thing & so worth every penny!

Love them so much.
And the fact that they love a good party just as much as their mama!
My mom's little town actually did fireworks on the 2nd, so we headed there for those that night!
I mean!!
It's the sunset, the American flags, & their sweet faces for me.
This girl sat through the entire show.  She loved it!  I have to say, it was one of the best fireworks show I have ever seen!
(See her first tiny braid!?!)
July 4th, Dan, Ellie Joy, & I headed to my parents for lunch!
 And these two went swimming!  How cute is that pool?!?
It's THIS ONE from Target & the perfect size!

Living her best life at home ...
While these two were living it up at the beach!
We ended our night over at my father-in-loves where we did fireworks of our own!  These little besties are just too cute!

And that was our fourth weekend ... aside from the baseball game we went to the next night, but I will share all about that in another post!

I hope y'all have the best week!  It feels good to be back!


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  1. What a fun weekend! So glad you decided to have the party anyway and make those memories.