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by - Friday, July 30, 2021


Just this week, I finally sat down & had time to look through all 5,687 pictures on my phone & get them all sorted out to share with y'all.  To say I'm way behind would be a complete understatement.  With that being said, I decided to create several different post & just do a 2021 HALF of the YEAR RECAP where I share what we've been up to this year up until this point.  Be looking for those posts as they will be here next week!  Some pictures will be a post on their own, like Camp Grammy that my mama did for the grandkids in June, but most are just a random mixture of pictures.  I want to start fresh this fall & get my stuff all in order to where I don't feel so behind.  Geez Louise!

Okay, but for today, I'm sharing all about our family (minus a few that couldn't make it) trip to Tennessee Memorial Day weekend!  This trip was a gift from my in-loves for all of us big kids 😉 for Christmas & our birthdays.

Our first night there, we ate at the Apple Barn.  Always SO good!

We were all so excited about having our own cabin until we realized it was at the very dang top of the mountain.  The incline was real.  No one here probably knows this, but Dan & I took at trip to the mountains in 2014 & literally slid down the mountain due to snow.  I am still terrified to this day .. rain, shine, or snow ... yet, we keep going back to these places.  It was a very nice cabin though & plenty of space for all of us!  We were also excited about having a cabin with a pool only for us to arrive on that Friday to rain & 60 degree weather.  HA!  It sure didn't stop these kiddos from swimming though.

That Saturday morning we got up & headed to a mountain coaster.
And by we, I mean the entire fam!  We all rode & it was so much fun!  I somehow got put with Coop & well, y'all know he makes me laugh hysterically so it was a good time for sure.

The line was really long so we were doing whatever we could to entertain the littles!
Afterwards, we headed to the Smokey Mountain Knife store because men.  But they do have other things downstairs like this cute little show setup & that's where us girls & kiddos hung out while the boys looked around.
On Sunday, we did a little shopping at the outlets ...
In our sweet little outfit. 
 This was Millie Jo's & I'm so glad I saved it!
Monday morning, before we headed home, we ate breakfast at Five Oaks Farm Kitchen. Y'all, it was AMAZING!

I mean, can you even with this cinnamon roll the size of your face!?!
10/10 recommend this place!
Gosh, it was such a fun weekend!  Most of the time we were at the cabin either in the hot tub, letting the kiddos swim, playing games, or just hanging out.

Thanks Mimi & Paw-Paw for a fun gift!

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