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by - Monday, April 06, 2020

Happy Monday & happy day 657 of quarantine, friends! 😉

Only kidding but it does kinda feel like it.  I saw a picture the other day that said "You are not stuck at home, you are safe at home."  I LOVE that!!  And that is what we are trying to remember during this time.
We are really loving all the extra family time we are getting!  Many nights before bedtime look like this.  SO sweet but y'all, they are LOUD.  I mean, like really, really loud.
My parents moved into their new house last week & we went to see it.  No worries, we have all been practicing our social distancing & haven't been around anyone!  The only thing missing in this is Coop but LOOK how happy my mom is though.  She loves her babies!
Here he is!  And wait a minute, why does he look so big!?!
Speaking of Cooper, we celebrated HIM TURNING 10 a few weeks ago.  It, of course, was a little different this year due to the circumstances but we made sure the day was all about him!  We started his big day off with cinnamon rolls in the shape of number 10, presents from me, Dan & the girls, a movie with popcorn & coke, we baked his own cake, we got Chinese take out per his request from our favorite little family owned Chinese restaurant for dinner & finished the day off with cake & ice cream sundaes!
Can't believe our boy is officially double digits!
These warm, sunny days call for lots of time outside playing & popsicles during nap time!
With warm days comes the cute spring & summer clothes.  WALMART for the win!
THIS sweet little bubble outfit is a favorite of mine!
I mean!!  
I've been sharing over on INSTASTORIES the kiddos riding these & many of you have asked what they were!  Cooper & Millie Jo got THESE RIDE ON TOYS for Christmas a couple years ago & just recently discovered that they REALLY love them!  They are up & down our road all day on these things!  And Ellie Joy loves them just as much!  If you are looking for a fun toy, this one is a must!
Itty Bitty has been loving all the extra time with Cooper & Millie Jo she is getting & has adapted so well to them being home 24/7.  It has been just the two of us at home during the day for months while they have been at school so when she lets me hold her at bedtime to fall asleep, I cherish that one on one time I get with her!
So, here we are.  Living our best quarantine life.  Together.  Soaking it all in!

It's been so much fun to follow along with the ones who are doing it!

Okay, I am heading to pick up my groceries for the week!  
I hope y'all have a wonderful Monday!

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