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by - Monday, March 30, 2020

Happy Monday, y'all!

Before I get started with today's post, I had an idea that I wanted to share with you!  Since most everyone is at home (our entire state has a 'shelter in place' as of 5pm today) living that work from home/homeschool life, I created an April - Photo A Day challenge kiddo style!  I thought, how sweet would it be to focus on the blessings they are & it can also help soak in these next few weeks together .. because there is going to be a lot of it!  Don't have human babies!?!  No problem!  You can still participate with yourself, hubby, boyfriend, family member or even your pet!  In a time that the world is in right now, let's work together & share the sweet things in life that still remain!
SO!  What do you think!?!  I will be sharing over on INSTAGRAM & hope you will, too!  You can post on your feed or stories!  If you don't have Instagram, share over on FACEBOOK!  Tag me @theperfectlyimperfectmama & use #thesweetthingsthatremain so I can follow along!

We are ALL in this together & will get through it together as well!

Okay, another thing I decided to do during this time was to start a little blog series called "The Sweet Things That Remain" … I felt like we could do better than a title such as "Quarantine 2020" & focus more on the positive things in life!  Plus I thought it would be a perfect way to journal during this time as well.  Each week, I will be doing a post of what we have been up to during these weeks to come.  Kind of like my A LITTLE BIT OF THIS & THAT posts.  I can't even lie to you, some weeks it will be a whole bunch of nothing & other weeks, we may have something fun going on.  Who honestly knows!?!   If you would be interested in also doing a blog post, let me know & I can create a link up below & I will be doing that post every Monday (Tuesday this week though).  It's super short notice so I totally get it if you can't.

But for today, before I start sharing all those things, I want to play catch up off of LAST WEEK'S post of what we have been up to BEFORE we had to start practicing social distancing.
Itty Bitty's bestie turned three a few weeks ago & we were invited to her paint party.  How cute are they!?! 

My girls LOVED it!!  I wasn't too sure how Ellie Joy would do but here she is just painting away.

I mean!!
I love that they have each other!

Cooper & Millie Jo's school is doing the 7 Habits : Leader in Me program this year & just recently had an assembly to share all the things they have been learning and what they are most proud of.  This boy of mine has been on A honor roll all year!


We had a lot of sickness go on during the month of February.  Strep, flu x 2, double ear infection, all FIVE of us having the stomach bug at the same time .. just one thing after the other.  It was such a tough month for us but it also made me even more thankful for the fact that besides that, my babes are very healthy.  I am always praying for parents whose children are fighting for their lives everyday.

The week Cooper & Ellie Joy had the flu, Millie Jo stayed the week at Mimi & Paw-Paw's.  So thankful for them!  I sure missed her!  One day, I picked her up from school for a sweet treat before taking her back to their house.

Earlier this month, we had the Celebration of Life for the ministry we are apart of.  It was wonderful & God received all the glory!  This year, Cooper & Millie Jo got to go with us.  Before my sister-in-love left with my niece, she snapped this picture of them with Mimi!
And while we were there, this girl got to hang with the cutest nephew ever! Her Por-Por!

I took this girl out for a mommy & me date (I know, she's with me every day but it's not often we are out & about) … And what is a date without Chick-Fil-A!?!

I honestly can't even remember when this picture was taken but while it's here, I want to brag about this man of mine.  God is so good!  The ministry that we are a part of has not once closed during this time in our country.  The staff there are working hard Monday - Friday .. curbside .. to assist women who are in need of diapers & formula.  Not only are they getting what they need, but they are also being prayed with.  What an incredible thing that is happening in our community!

Okay, I think we are all caught up now!

Don't forget to grab the graphic up top so we can start sharing all the sweet things starting April 1st as we go through this time together!

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  1. That photo challenge sounds like fun!... not sure how much my boys would allow me to do though. Being teens they can be a bit ornery about photos. LOL.

    1. LOL!! PLEASE post a picture of you having a dance party with them in the kitchen!! I am SURE they will remember it forever!

  2. Great photo prompts and photos!! Would love to participate with you if I could be with my grands right now. Not as much fun seeing a pic of me making a funny face or coloring!!