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by - Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hey Hey!

I truly hope y'all are all well & staying that way during this time.  I am praying for YOU & your families!

It feels like forever ... minus COOP'S BIRTHDAY POST this week ... that I have posted & I have so much to fill you in on!
Speaking of Cooper, he loves to write & is determined to write a book one day.  He had an assignment in class a while back & recently got it back.  He wrote this & y'all, I am so proud of him!  And if you are new around here, then you won't know that he did in fact used to have a beta fish a few years ago & named it Cam Newton Cousins.  Cam Newton obviously from the Carolina Panthers & Cousins for Kirk Cousins when he was quarterback for the no good stinkin' Redskins.
We celebrated Valentine's Day last month & I was the mom who waited until the night before to let the kids make their boxes.  Sigh.
BUT, Millie Jo did pick out this cute gift box from Walgreen's & just put stickers all over it.  SO cute!
Pop & his Valentine babies!

Between January & this week, we have had LOTS of birthday fun going on!
First, this girl TURNING SEVEN!
Then this baby TURNED TWO!
And Grammy had a birthday!
Cooper just finished basketball season a few weeks ago & Millie Jo just finished cheer.
You could find Itty Bitty like this on the bleachers with all the things!
With the weather getting warmer, we have spent lots of our time outside!
Rain ...
Or shine!
And if we aren't outside, we are in the kitchen doing something.
This girl is a huge Chick-fil-A fan but she's only there for the play area, the ice cream & that bomb Chick-Fil-A sauce.
Cooper was invited to go with his best friend & his family to the mountains for a weekend & had so much fun.  So thankful for friends who love our kiddos like their own!
I keep our niece during the week some & it's Ellie Joy's most favorite day when Emi Lu comes over to play!
Can you even handle the cuteness of them!  They are four months apart & so much fun!
Millie Jo has LOVED gymnastics.  She's super bummed that the gym is closed right now but has been practicing every chance she gets at home!
It's very rare that me & my mama get time together just the two of us.  So when we got the chance to grab dinner & dessert one night, it was much needed!
Oh, date nights, we miss you.
Every single day.
She gets so excited to see Dan when he gets home from work!

Goodness gracious.  Did y'all make it through this whole post!?!
I know, I know, SO much!

I'll catch you up on more soon.  Yep, there's more!

Have the best Friday eve, friends!

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  1. So many wonderful photos! You have a beautiful family and I just love all the smiles and happiness.

    1. Thank you so much!! When Jesus Christ is the center of your family, you can't help but be happy & so thankful!