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by - Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Hey y'all!

It has been a WHILE since I have shared THREE THINGS about each of us!  I acutally got this idea from ANDREA over at the Momfessionals blog a few years ago.  I LOVE it!  It is such a fun thing to have to look back on & see what was going on in this season of our lives.

Before I start, if you missed YESTERDAY'S POST, I shared Easter basket ideas!  They are all from Walmart, too!

Okay, here we go ...

1.  Wants to be outside 24/7. 
 If he's not throwing a baseball around, it's a football.  If it's not a football, it's a basketball.  If it's not a sport he's playing, he's asking what bush he can cut down or if he can cut grass!  I mean, the boy loves being outside.

2.  He really misses his buddies from school.

3.  He is slowly but surely getting out of his "picky eater" phase.
A phase that has only lasted for 9 years.  HA!  He is finally starting to try new foods instead of just saying no & that's a big deal for him!
1.  She just lost her 9TH tooth.  
Yes, number 9!  She  has officially passed Coop in the number of teeth they have lost.  The minute one of hers feels loose, she wiggles it for weeks until she can finally pull it.

2.  Such a helper.
Not only will she do for herself 9 times out of 10, but she will also do for Cooper & Ellie Joy without any hesitation.  She will have Itty Bitty up in the morning with a cup of milk ready for her before I can even get to her!

3.  She really misses school & her besties.
Her & a few of her girlfriends have been writing each other letters. And mailing them to each other!  One of her bestie's started it & I just think it's such a good idea.  Is there anything sweeter than a handwriting note!?!
1.  Well, well, well … this girl learned to crawl out of her crib.  
Like, literally JUST yesterday.  I was in the kitchen fixing Millie Jo a snack & hear Itty Bitty's sound machine getting louder & louder ... next thing I know she is coming down the hallway saying "Hey Mommy!" HA!!  I have to give it to her though, Millie Jo crawled out of hers at about a year old.  She just turned TWO!

3.  Talking.
She has started putting words together in sentences & her little voice is a favorite of mine!  She says "thank you" anytime you hand her something & I never want to forget the way she says it.

3.  Forget a bath, she wants to take a shower.  
A couple weeks ago, she had a bad diaper rash so I gave her a shower instead of sitting her in the bath & y'all, she now wants nothing to do with the bathtub.  She thinks a shower is a small water park & it's all I can do to get her out of it!
1.  I am LOVING having my babes at home with me all day.  
Really!  I am the mama who loves summer time for this very reason.  Don't get me wrong, they drive me bonkers some days … or, er, at least once a day … & I have to send them to their rooms to give me a minute!  But when everyone is acting insane out the membrane, we obviously ALL need a minute. 😉

2.  Dan has been [always is but especially in this season of life] very protective of our family. 
 He doesn't want me or the kids out anywhere & if for some reason we do need something & can't get it from grocery pick up, he is the one that wants to go get it.  Which thankfully we haven't had to have anything.

3.  Celebrating 11 Years!
Our 11 year anniversary is the end of this month!  I sure do wish we were going to be in HHI again like LAST YEAR but, that is okay.  As soon as all this is over, we are going somewhere!  Looking at you, Dan!

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  1. This is a wonderful snapshot to make! Love the letter writing and how helpful your older two are in their own way. My boys never climbed out of their cribs but I think since they were born so close together and we always needed the crib for the next one we transitioned them to beds pretty early. Happy early anniversary!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, we are on almost a week of toddler bed & she is doing great!!