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by - Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Hey Hey, friends!

I hope y'all are all continuing to stay well during this time we are in!  Last week, was our "spring break" so that meant no school work which was great!  It wasn't a spring break like we are used to, but, that is okay!  We made the best of it & enjoyed ALL the time together!

Here's what it looked like ...
One night, we rented Trolls World Tour & ate pizza in bed.  It was cute but I liked the first one better.  What about you!??
We have officially converted this girl's crib to a toddler bed & y'all, she is doing incredible!  Except now, where she was sleeping until close to nine each day, she is up & in my face before 7!  So early naps are a must!  I am so proud of her though!
Speaking of naps ... 😉
This is what playing outside all day every day will do to ya!
The weather hasn't been quit as warm as it was, but it doesn't stop Ellie Joy from playing in the water.  She's a fish!!
And I'm pretty much obsessed with her curls!  I have a feeling her hair is going to look just like Coop's!
Millie Jo loves ... I mean, LOVES ... to draw, write and/or color every day!  She says she is going to be an art teacher when she grows up & I can totally see it!
If we aren't outside playing, this girl is playing at her kitchen cooking up all the yummy things!
My sweet uncle Mike is battling lung cancer & was put in the hospital the week before last.  Last week, he was able to come home so many family & friends did a ride by parade to welcome him home!  It was so much fun & it made his day!!  SO glad we did it!
We ended spring break on kind of a low.  Millie Jo had a bike wreck.  Her shoelace was untied & got stuck in her pedal.  The handle bar got her good when she fell & she was just pitiful.  Monday, she could barely move her neck she was so sore!  Thankfully, she is starting to feel better & has already been back on her bike!

And that's a little bit of what we have been up to!  If you missed any of my previous posts, you can find them here ...

I hope y'all have a great day!

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  1. That does like a fun week; other than the bike wreck. :(