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by - Friday, April 17, 2020

Last week, Dan shared with me that it was laid on his heart that on Easter morning we should go to our church with our kiddos, gather around these three crosses in the empty parking lot, hold hands, & pray.  We would pray for this world we are living in, our president, our pastors, our friends, our family, each other & for the doors of the church to be opened back up.  
So on Easter morning, we did just that.  It was drizzling rain,  the parking lot was empty & our kiddos were confused as to why we were pulling into our church parking lot.  We explained to them what we were doing, we got out, held hands around that tallest cross you see right there & we prayed.  Cooper & Millie Jo took turns praying first & I remember standing there, begging God to hear their sweet little prayers.  Every heartfelt prayer is special, but can you imagine the joy that it brings Jesus when His tiny children are calling out to Him!?!  Chills!  They prayed for our sweet uncle Mike who is battling lung cancer & was in the hospital at the time.  They prayed for their friends and teachers that they last saw the second week of March not having any idea that may be the last time they see them until August.  After they were finished, I prayed & then Dan closed us in prayer.  While he was praying, I looked down at Ellie Joy, who at only two years old, had her eyes closed just like the rest of us.  As I stood there, listening to Dan pray, I couldn't help but be so thankful.  Thankful for him, the children that God has blessed us with & this beautiful life He has given us.  More than anything though, my heart was overflowing with gratitude to be able to stand at the foot of that cross.  Hand in hand with my family, crying out to Him.  A cross that represents what Jesus did for each & everyone of us.  Yes, we may be living in what we think are uncertain times, but it is not uncertain to God.  He already knows.  Friends, He overcame death.  DEATH, y'all!  He tells us to not be afraid because He has overcome the world.  I mean, how incredible is that!?

Dan is the man that my mama prayed so hard for when I was a little girl growing up.  A man that has a heart for God.  A man like David.  A man that would lead our family so well.  A man that would lead our family in Christ.  A man who isn't afraid or ashamed to share the gospel.  A man who is obedient when the Lord lays something on his heart.  A man that will take his family to an empty church parking lot, on Easter Sunday morning, gather us around a cross, & pray.

Will you cling to the cross & the promise that God has made for us with me??

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  1. Woo! Hallelujah! Chills and joyous tears right now! Sweet, sweet post! Thanks for sharing!!