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WEEKEND [2019]

by - Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Hey Hey Tuesday!

This past weekend, was three years since WE LOST RUTHIE BELLE.  If you or someone you know is going through a miscarriage, I am truly sorry & I am praying for you.  God can & will mend your broken heart .. even though there will be some days that are harder than others .. even three years later.

I spent Friday doing ALL the spring cleaning & it was so good for my soul.  Man, I sure do love a clean house.  And that 7.4 seconds of it was wonderful! 😉
Saturday morning was a super sweet one for this girl!
She got to go pick strawberries with Mimi, JuJu & one of her favorite girls, Emi!
While this guy FINALLY [if you ask him] got to go do yard work with Paw-Paw.
Gosh, he's such a hardworking & loves helping people.  I pray he always keeps those traits!
And since the two bigs were gone, this girl got mommy & daddy all to herself PLUS Grammy, Pop & Paw-Paw!  We spent the morning antiquing & then grabbed breakfast.

Saturday evening, we had a Cinco de mayo themed birthday dinner for one of our friends & the amount of taco shells I brought, you would have thought we were feeding the whole state of North Carolina.  HA!

Sunday morning, we headed to church …

And then grabbed lunch.

 I snapped these of my Itty Bitty girl while Dan paid ... 
Those blue eyes are EVERYTHING!!

After lunch, we went to visit Paw-Paw the Great [Dan's grandpa] & then …
We stopped by so I could snuggle this sweet baby boy for a few minutes!
Pure sugar!
We ended our weekend at Target, picking up a few things for the week.  And yes, they were acting as crazy as they look in this picture.
We don't call this shopping cart hot mess express for nothing!

I hope your weekend was wonderful, friends!

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